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GlobalProtect VPN Setup Guide 

This article will show how to set up the GlobalProtect VPN module on your workstation.
These steps only apply to workstations (Windows or Mac).
If you are using a mobile device to connect, currently you need to continue to connect using the F5 Access client. 

  • Open a web browser to https://gp.olivet.edu
    • This link will only work from off-campus
    • If you are already connected to ONU using a VPN, you will need to disconnect from that VPN first.
  • The above link will attempt to detect active authentication but may redirect to the portal sign in page. 

  • Enter your Olivet credentials (including the @olivet.edu after the username) and hit the Next button or Enter. 
    (If prompted with the "Would like to stay signed in" prompt, either option will allow you to continue.) 
  • After signing in you will be redirected to the GlobalProtect download page 


  • Downloading GlobalProtect
    • If you are using a Windows 32-bit OS, click the “Download Windows 32 bit GlobalProtect agent” link 
    • If you are using a Windows 64-bit OS, click the “Download Windows 64 bit GlobalProtect agent” link 
    • If you are using a Mac OS, click the “Download Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent” link 
    • If you do not know if your version of Windows is 32-bit or 64-bit
      • Go to Control Panel
      • Select System and Security
      • Select System 
      • Look for “System Type:” This should display either a 64 or 32 bit version

Installing on a Windows Computer

  • After selecting the appropriate download link, a download will pop up on your browser’s download bar. 
  • Once the download is complete, click the downloaded file to open the setup Wizard 


  • Click Next 


  • Click Next again 


  • Click Next one more time to start the installation 


  • Once the installation is complete, click Close 


  • There should be a box pop up in the bottom screen that looks like the following image 
  • Put in the portal address of “gp.olivet.edu” and click connect 


  • Global protect should now be connected 

Important Note: After the initial setup, GlobalProtect VPN will stay enabled, even after computer restart where it will reconnect after loading. You will not need to go through the setup each time you need VPN access. 

Installing on a Mac Computer

  • After clicking the download link "Download Mac 32/64 bit GlobalProtect agent” link, the download will appear in your browser's window. Please click this downnload to iniate the install.
  •  The install GlobalProtect window will pop up, click "Continue"
  • Ensure the GlobalProtect Install checkbox is checked. Click "continue"
  • Ensure the installer is installing on your hard drive and you have enough space. Click "Continue".