Setting Up an App Password

Why an App Password?

An app password might be needed for applications that are old versions or do not support Multi-Factor Authentication. These passwords are a one-time setup password per app and should not need to be remembered by you. These passwords are not as secure as using an MFA prompt and they should never be shared or sent via email. Using App Passwords should be a last resort if there are other available methods to access your account.

1. Log into your account at
2. Open your account options
  • Select your account avatar in the upper right corner.
  • Select My account 

3. Open security options
  • Select Security & Privacy in the left menu
  • Select Additional security verification in the options list
  • Select Create and manage app passwords

4. Create App Password
  • Click the Create button

  • Enter a name for the app password

  • Click Next
  • Select and copy the password
  • Click Close
  • If the password is no longer needed, you can delete from this location as well

5. Use the password in your application



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