Using MFA on a Different E-mail App Instead of the Outlook App.

Q: Can I use a mail app other than Microsoft Outlook when MFA is turned on for my account?
 It depends on your OS. The mail apps that support MFA through Microsoft are very limited.
  • For Android: No. The only supported platform for MFA on Android is the Microsoft Outlook app. You will need to set up the Outlook app to use your Olivet email on your Android device.
  • For iOS (iPhone, iPad): Yes, for newer versions. Microsoft supports MFA on the iOS default Mail app as long as the iOS version is 11.0 or above.
  • Windows: Outlook is the supported software to use with MFA.
  • App Passwords: It is possible to set up an app password for use with your unsupported version of mail app, but it is highly recommended to switch to the Microsoft Outlook App.
Q: How is the setup process different if I use the iOS mail app instead of Outlook?
The Microsoft Authenticator App setup steps are still the same. You may need to make other settings changes in order for MFA to be successful. If you are not able to connect with your email after following the steps in the MFA setup article, try a few of the following steps.
  • Disable and re-enable your mail account
    • Open Settings
    • Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    • Tap the name of your email account
    • Move the sliders to off.
    • Wait 10 seconds
    • Move the sliders back to on
    • Test your mail again
  • Remove and re-add your Account from iOS
    • Open Settings
    • Tap Accounts and Passwords
    • Tap the name of your email account
    • Tap Delete Account
    • Tap Add Account
    • Tap Exchange
    • Enter a description
    • Enter your Olivet email address and password
    • Your phone should provide an MFA prompt
  • Remove and re-add your device from authorized devices.

Q: Will you support other apps besides Outlook or iOS default mail?
We do not recommend using an MFA enabled account with other apps that Microsoft does not fully support. Support will be limited and our recommendation will be to use the Microsoft Outlook App along with the Microsoft Authenticator.


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