Call Forwarding from a Desk Phone

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Updated: 3/20/2020

Forwarding calls from your personal extension can be accomplished multiple ways.
The steps below walk through setting up forwarding directly from your Shoretel desk phone. 
Please see the article on Troubleshooting Voicemail Issues for any difficulty with the way voice mail is being handled using this method. 

Note: Calls forwarded using this process will roll to destination voice mail on no answer and NOT to Mitel voice mail.

  1. Press the “Options” button (located on the bottom right of the phone display)
  2. Enter your voicemail password and press the "OK" button
  3. Select the “Availability” option using the directional pad
  4. Press the “Edit” button
  5. Select “Available
  6. Press the “Edit” button
  7. Select “Forward calls
  8. Using the “Prev” and “Next” button, select “Always
  9. Press the "Clear" button (the default,1101 is the voicemail box)
  10. Use the number keys to enter your destination number
  11. Using the directional pad, select “Simulring
  12. Press the "Toggle" button until the setting is "On"
  13. Press the “Back” button
  14. Press the “OK” button
  15. Press the “Exit” button
  16. The phone buttons will light up orange when enabled.


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