Troubleshooting Voicemail Issues

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Updated: 3/20/2020

Calls Forwarded to Off Campus Numbers

Calls Forwarded using Call Forwarding from a Desk Phone
  • Forwarding set up on a desk phone will not roll to the Mitel voice mail if unanswered or ignored.
  • A new greeting on your destination phone can be recorded to match your on campus voice mail.
  • An alternative is to use the Mitel Connect client to set up an External Assignment (see article here), but this process must be done from on campus, or from a workstation where you have installed the Mitel Connect Client and are connected to the ONU VPN.
  • If you are unable to come back on campus, you can request forwarding to be updated by IT staff (please alow at least one business day). 
Calls Forwarded using External Assignment from the Mitel Connect Client
  • Declined or ignored calls using this method will be answered by your cell phone voice mail, instead, let the call ring through to be answered by the office voice mail.
  • Setting the number of rings is critical for this method to work correctly. Please make sure the number of rings is set to 4 or more on the external assignment.

Checking Voice Mail

  • To check your office voice mail while away from your desk
    • Dial 815-939-6996 
    • Enter your phone extension and password when prompted.
  • To check your office voice mail from your desk phone
    • Press the Voicemail button
    • Using the dial pad, enter your password
    • Press the OK button


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