External Assignment from the Mitel Connect Client

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For simple forwarding to a cell phone, please see the article on how to enable forwarding from a desk phone
This process is designed for members of a Mitel workgroup and won't apply to most people. 

The Mitel External Assignment feature allows you to receive incoming workgroup (and regular) calls from your desk extension on a home phone or cell phone.  This setup requires the Mitel Connect Client installed on your work computer. 

Please see the article on Troubleshooting Voicemail Issues for any difficulty with the way voice mail is being handled using this method. 

Instructions on how to install the Mitel Connect Client

Adding An External Assignment 

Note: Declined calls using this method will be answered by your cell phone voice mail, instead, let the call ring through to be answered by your office voice mail.

Setup Instructions:
NOTE: If you are already off campus, you will need to connect to the ONU VPN and have the Mitel Connect Application installed.
  1. Make sure you are connected to the ONU VPN and have the Mitel Connect application installed.
  2. Open the Mitel Connect application
  3. Click on the phone icon circled below

  4. Select the “External Assignment Number” option. 
  5. Add a label for the new destination (e.g. My Cell Phone)
  6. Enter the phone number
  7. Adjust the number of rings to 4 or greater
  8. Select Automatically Connect
  9. Click Add


Removing an External Assignment

Removing an External Assignment using the Mitel App
  1. Open the Mitel Connect client
  2. Click on your name
  3. Select Desk Phone
    All calls should now be routed to your desk phone
Removing an External Assignment using the desk phone
  1. Press the function button labeled Options
  2. Type in your voicemail password using the number pad
  3. Select Availability using the direction pad.
  4. Press the function button labeled Edit
  5. Change the Forward Calls setting to No Answer using the direction pad.
  6. Using a combination of the direction pad and the key pad:
    1. Set the No answer destination is 1101 (that is your phones voicemail)
    2. Set the Number of Rings to
    3. Set the Busy Destination to 1101
    4. Set the Simulring toggle to Off
  7. Press the function button labeled Back. 
  8. Press the function key labeled OK.
  9. Press the function key labeled Exit.

At this point, all incoming calls will route to your desk phone and all the orange status lights should change to off. 


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