Call Forwarding from a Conference Phone

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Updated: 3/20/2020

How to set up call forwarding from conference phones. 
Please see the article on Troubleshooting Voicemail Issues for any difficulty with the way voice mail is being handled using this method. 

Note: Calls forwarded using this process will roll to destination voice mail on no answer and NOT to Mitel voice mail.

  1. Press the Shoretel logo on the top right of the display (beneath the time)
  2. Select ”User Options
  3. Type in your voicemail password
  4. Press “OK
  5. Press “Availability
  6. Press the arrow on the display to the right of “Available
  7. Press “Always” and then “Edit
  8. Enter your destination number (cell phone or other)
    1. Default is 1101 which is voicemail
    2. The small icon to the right of the number will delete the existing entry
    3. Voice Mail” will disappear when you enter a new number
  9. Press “Done
  10. Press “OK
  11. Press “X” (should be on the top right)
  12. Press “X
  13. Press “X
  14. Lights on the phone will switch to orange indicating that forwarding is enabled


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