Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Before You Start

  • Read this whole guide first!
  • This process works best using two different devices. 
    • A phone or mobile device to receive MFA prompts (steps below marked "On your phone:")
    • Another computer or device to access your account (steps below marked "On your web browser:")
  • Review supported mail apps: This is an important step since most built-in mail apps don't support MFA.
    • See the App Compatibility chart below.
    • Android: Only Outlook App works.
    • iOS: Only specific versions of Mail app works, otherwise you need the Outlook App.
    • If you do not have a supported app, you will need to install one. 
  • Review recommendations: 
    • Install Microsoft Outlook on your mobile phone/devices
    • Install the Microsoft Authenticator app on your mobile phone/devices
    • Decide what "factors" you will use during setup. 
  • Other Information

App Compatibility

Operating System Mail App App Version Supported?
7 or later 
Microsoft Outlook  2010 or eariler  No
2013 Partial
2016 Yes
2019 Yes
Other Mail App Any No
Mojave (10.14) or later
Microsoft Outlook  2013 or earlier No
2016 Yes
2019 Yes
Other mail App Any No
Android Microsoft Outlook App Get from App Store Yes
Built-In Mail App Any No
Other mail app Any No
iOS Microsoft Outlook App Get from App Store Yes
Apple Mail App (see considerations) 10.x or earlier No
11.x Yes
12.x Yes
Other mail app Any No

1. Install the Microsoft Authenticator App:  

2. Visit the MFA Setup Site

3. Set Verification Options

  • Chose "Mobile app" in the drop-down
  • Select "Receive notifications for verification"
  • Wait: The next part has a time limit (1-2 minutes), read all of part 4 below before clicking Set up

4. Link Your Phone

  • 4.1 - On your phone: Open the Microsoft Authenticator App
    • On the Accounts screen, select (iPhone) or (Android)
    • Choose "Add account"
    • Select "Work or school account"
    • Notes:
      • Your device may prompt you that the Authenticator app is requesting access to your camera
      • Your device may prompt you that the Authenticator app is requesting to accept notifications
      • Choose ACCEPT to Both Prompts.

  • 4.2 - On your web browser: Click Set up

  • The Configure Mobile App screen will display a QR code and a URL.

  • 4.3 - On your phone: Use the camera to scan the QR code

5. Successfully Linked

  • On your phone: Note the 6 digit number under your account name.  
    • This code will not be used at this time, but it indicates a that the app is successfully linked to your account
    • The code is on a perpetual timer that will refresh every 30 seconds
  • On your web browser: Click Next
  • The screen will indicate "Checking activation status"
  • Click Next

6. Validate MFA for your Account

  • On your web browser:  the prompt will change to indicate MFA communication with your phone
  • On your phone: Respond to the "Approve sign-in" prompt

7. Add Phone Number

  • On your web browser: Add the phone number for the device that runs the Microsoft Authenticator App
  • Click Next

8. Add an Additional Phone

  • On your web browser: 
  • Under "What's your preferred option?" section, make sure "Notify me through the App" is selected.
  • Enter one or more additional phone numbers: These numbers can be a landline or office phones and do not need to support mobile apps or even text messaging. 
  • Click Save

9. MFA is Enabled on your Account

Your account is now enabled for MFA.  

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